It is time to discover another side of Mika with this fair, simple and sincere album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook. Flash.

Everything is a statement: from the style to the text but also with the album cover, Mika says what and who he is and presents himself to the world. Pure and intimate, he doesn’t use an overly massive range of music genres but proposes a little bit more of tenderness. Speaking from the heart with the intro of Tiny Love, but also with Paloma or Ready To Call This Love, featuring Jack Savoretti, he also offers us dancing pop tunes, the genre that made him so well-known, with Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy and Platform Ballerinas. Coloured pop, he will always make some. But Mika isn’t summed up just by this, because his name is Michael Holbrook.

Now Playing: Tiny Love

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