German band Silent Attic has released a beautiful EP, Escape, last week, and you can check out a review here. It was the perfect occasion to meet Ben (bass) and Leon (guitar), and talk about their projects. Interview.

Unis Son: First question, how are you?

Ben: Yeah, we are fine. A couple of days ago we’ve played a gig in our hometown so everything is going well, I guess.

US: You’re an indie rock band and the pandemic has certainly impacted you as much as everyone else, but you managed to prevail and get creative in that time. Can you talk me through the process of this EP you’re going to release soon?

Ben: We started to record the whole thing in Berlin earlier this year, before the lockdown in Germany, so it was in January. The hardest part was to think about how to release the whole thing because the lockdown started when we wanted to release the first single. And now we have two other singles we got out in July and the last one was some weeks ago. It was quite a challenge for us actually because it seems hard to reach people even if everybody is at home, so we really tried everything from selling to ads, posting a lot of stories and reached the people. The EP will be released on Friday and we hope that it will be successful.

US: You have mentioned your last single Take my Time is a “classical heartbreak song”. What does that mean for you?

Leon: Oh, that’s a bit difficult because I didn’t write the lyrics but the essence of the whole song is a bit of the classical breakup thing. I think we tend to go a bit melancholic.

Ben: I think you can say that we can qualify as ‘cliché’, a little, with the song because it features the classical kind of stories that goes bad and they try to fix it. At the end of the song, people can’t really tell if the couple is back together or not. It’s also something that we will put as an idea in the music video that we will release soon.

US: The future is very uncertain for everyone, how do you see it from where you are standing now? Are you hopeful?

Ben: That’s a big question. I think the whole thing changed us a lot, especially for us as musicians and as a band. Because things like online gigs are quite a thing now. I think that will be part of the whole scene now, on the future actually. That’s something we didn’t think about before the COVID-19 pandemic. That wasn’t an idea, and now everybody is going to do it. That might be a possibility because we don’t know how long this whole thing is going to stay for, if it gets worst or something like that. I think, then, the online scene may be an opportunity. As for us as a band, we will try to keep on releasing things and see what we can reach from that. But we really hope for a real live gig soon.

US: Are there any themes that you want to talk about in your songs but you don’t feel it’s the right time just yet?

Ben: Good question. There a lot of things you can talk about I guess but that’s a hard question, really. As a band, I think we have a lot of power to tell a story and to say things, so we have to pay attention to what we’re doing. That’s a thing we talk to as a band, things we will do in the future… If it’s a big topic at the moment for us we will talk about it.

US: Do you have any other projects besides the tour and the upcoming release?

Leon: We’re planning some live sessions, that’s the next thing we will be doing after the release. We haven’t planned that far ahead. We will do that in the next couple of weeks as its complex right now. We have to check with the producer because of our schedules and theirs, with other band’s ones, but that’s the next thing we’re going to do.

US: Lastly, and that’s my last question, what would be your earliest musical memory?

Leon: My first musical experience, was when I was a child I watched the old Queen’s music videos because my dad has them on DVD and I remember I sat in front of the TV for like two hours and watch them all. That’s the reason why I started playing the guitar. And also Pink Floyd, and a live concert from I don’t know who… Yeah. That’s my earliest memory, I think.

Ben: I remember that my mother had that large CD and Vinyl collection, from the 70s and the 80s and I think that a lot of the music she listened to was Queen and Pink Floyd as well, and others too. I remember that my mom had this vinyl by The Beatles at home and she liked it a lot and I believe it’s something that really inspired me. But that wasn’t the moment that made me pick up the bass, that was something that happened later because these music memories are from my early childhood days, but thinking about playing music came later like early teens.

We are very grateful and happy to have met with Silent Attic and are thanking them greatly for their time and their answers. You can find our review here.

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