Our three reviews of the day are focusing on emerging female vocalists. Their talent, splendour and strength are available from today. Flashes.


Paysage L CoverThis new album by L, stage name of the talented Raphaële Lannadère, is a true radiant piece of art. As the record seems to be made of delicate lace, between strings and L’s light voice, we realise that Paysages is a fitting name. From warm sand coming from Femmes, Vie, Liberté !, as a tender tribute to Kurde hero Sankiné Canziz, to a sunny valley with J’vois Rien, a lockdown city from a window on Les Oiseaux, or the planet seen from space on Aux souvenirs, places and spaces change and go by in front of us with both confidence and tenderness. It gives us a bright and fascinating record in the end.



Eclectic Playground Flying Rabbit CoverThis band isn’t hiding it: it got influences from diverse horizons, exactly like its members, between the UK and Scandinavia. With their debut EP, Flying Rabbit is playing with each note, breath and pulse to give new curves to its intentions. New Age Witch has a beautiful rock psyche intro, sometimes nervous and always mystical. Eclectic Playground is also coloured with jazz and the Olso-based band is having a lot of fun while we’re getting to know them. And we love them already. Their strength, apart from their musical open-mindedness, clearly comes from these feminine vocals that highlight their catchy mix genre.



Grandma's Ashes The Fates CoverHolding the string of fate between their hands, the band Grandma’s Ashes are, with their debut EP The Fates, balancing between a riff-heavy rock and a progressive and dreamy one. And with this very just balance is serving their strong and original aesthetic. If the band’s formation and their intensity bring something fresh to the scene, the atmosphere they’re presenting seems to come from the depth of Hell. Disturbing, shivering and intoxicating, they’re showing through A.A., Daddy Issues, or Outro, only a small amount of their large potential. Let’s keep an eye on them.

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