Who are we?

Who are we?

This blog is mainly written by Léa Fochesato, with the help of Coralie Houillon. Based in London, and working full time, this blog is our hobby. We work on it on our free time and are not remunerated for it (yet).

Our mission?

We have a few. First, you will discover music that you do not know or little, thanks to our Reviews in two formats (long: In Extenso, short: Flash). Then, we want to encourage you to go and see artists live, by trying to convey our impressions through Live reports. We’re sharing what artists have to say in our Interviews. And finally, we talk about various topics in our News, about clips in our Video section and about visuals in our Artwork section.

Our frequency?

There is a new article three times a week. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to keep up to date.

Our old visuals (Yes, we had a few makeovers :))

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