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Flash and discovery with the album Ten Fé, Hit the Light, released on February 3rd for our greatest pleasure.

In just a few titles, the band Ten Fé plunges us into a modern and yet nostalgic world! The eighties are everywhere, no doubt, given the construction and rhythm of their titles, such as Elodie, Overflow or Twist Your Arm. And we like it. We love his voice that he raises and makes purr on his relatively discreet synth that beautifies the songs, and doesn’t change them into something boring or has-been. The guitar is sharp, just, sufficient and used in the best moments, with a reassuring roundness. One of our favourites is Twist Your Arm because it opens up to all the horizons of Ten Fé’s universe. Dancing at times, this album is always refreshing. Another favourite: In The Air, for its lightness. In other words: you have to rush on this good-natured masterpiece!

Now Playing: In The Air

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