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Manu Katché ‘s new album, the ScOpe, is available since February. Time for our Flash review.

It’s a question of rhythm for Manu Katché. Like an infinite heartbeat, this new album is also a zoom on everything he likes. With an inch-perfect composition and a production as beautiful as his career, Katché offers a fairly vocal album in English, with the exception of the superb Paris me manque, featuring Jazzy Bazz, whose deep voice quickly becomes reassuring. With an almost too perfect balance, we evolve in an eclectic world at the crossroads of music genres. Accompanied by Jérôme Regard (bass), Patrick Manouguian (guitar) and Elvin Galland (piano), Manu Katché doesn’t deprive them of their solos (Goodbye for Now) as he does not deprive us of his. To be discovered right now.

Listen: I miss Paris

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