circocircowtc. jpg Circo Circo is ¿Who’s The Cuban?‘s newborn, their musical revolution, and we got a huge crush. Flash.

Formerly known as Son del Salón, the Franco-Cuban band ¿Who’s the Cuban? comes back for a new album with warm colours and a wanderlust. They are crazy and we fall into their arms from the first title Buscando unaforma de liquidarte (seek the means to eliminate you). It’s funny, it’s cynical, it’s dancing, it’s twisted, it’s built, it’s sad, it’s serious and more than anything else: it’s effective. For them it is a revolution. For us, a revelation. There is humour as much as pictures and varieties, styles, tones. With six people in a band, the universes intersect and mix fast with each other. The whole thing is done with passion and we feel it. The band, formed in Nancy (France), has evolved. The identity of the Cuban is irrelevant because of their evolution hatched a fusion that smells like sunny days. An essential.

Listening: Buscando una forma de liquidarte (⚠ ️)

⚠ ️: images that can shock
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