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Released at the beginning of April, Cassia‘s debut album, Replica, is full of sun and tropical pop. Flash.

The British band has been able to translate the most beautiful days on the European island (I insist) into music. We could think they’re from the Caribbean as their music is full of sunshine, palm trees and rhythms greatly inspired by the Islands on the other side of the Atlantic. Yet, nope, they are from Macclesfield in England. Doesn’t matter because Loosen Up, Under The Sun and Out of Her Mind are all songs that will carry a big part of our summer. And our next winter, as they promise on Get Up Tight. This album would ideally be played on the terrace of a bar during a beautiful summer evening. More ideal still would be to have the band playing it live on the same terrace. In the meantime, we will just take them everywhere with us with Replica.

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