Hunter & The Bear, The Black Heart, London, 28/05/2019 (photos: L.F.)

Pubs, pints, guitars, amps, lights… The incarnation of rock was in Camden, at The Black Heart, under the name of Hunter & The Bear. We were there, too. Live Report.

In Camden’s ‘ little ‘ pub, The Black Heart, Hunter & The Bear are playing two sold out gigs back to back. The room is upstairs, intimist and has the familiar smell of projectors, beer and smoke. Home sweet home.

The stage is in the back, framed by its black walls and its relatively low ceiling. Intimist, we said! So we squeeze together and we wait for the opening. Tonight, and as for the rest of their tour, it’s Lawrence Taylor.

We thought he’d be this guy all alone with his folk guitar, but nope. They’re two and that changes everything. In addition to being expert guitarists, Taylor and his sidekick give depth to each title by mixing classical and electric guitars. It changes and we like it.

Hunter & The Bear, The Black Heart, London, 28/05/2019 (photos: L.F.)

But we’re actually waiting for the four guys of Hunter & The Bear with bated breath, and hopefully, their hits as their new tunes. Oh, we’re not disappointed! Hits, they give everything, getting everyone on board with Paper Heart and with Hologram. And what about their new tunes!

This second album, we eagerly waiting for it. Those three songs are mouth-watering. We’re especially keen to hear Side Effects again. It’ll be played on repeat as soon at its relased, no doubt about it!

Hunter & The Bear, The Black Heart, London, 28/05/2019 (photos: L.F.)

This one-hour set, Hunter & The Bear close it like last time with Electric, a title packed with energy and potential trigger of pogos for the connoisseurs. If the public goes back downstairs disappointed to have to stop there, without an encore, we must say that the London band has given us back our smile.

It is for all these reasons that we decided to go there the first time, to go back this time, and that we will return next time. You’ll be there?

spotify: album: 3R8uwSbOEb9432mLe9GoHv

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