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The Swedes of Royal Republic are back in our lives with sounds that can’t leave anyone insensitive. It is Club Majesty. Review.

The name of their club comes naturally for them. Their Republican Majesties got very disco/funk for this album, while howling, with well-thought riffs, their love for rock and their punk side. After all that’s what they are. The goal of this opus appears to us very quickly: to make us dance.

And it works from Fireman & Dancer, their first single. Boomerang, Under Cover, and Blunt Force Trauma follow beautifully, making a logical connection with the previous album. We can’t stand still, even at the very first listen. They know exactly what they’re doing. Lovers of music mixtures and purists will find their favourites in there.

If they repeat themselves a bit with the lyrics, we salute the experimentation and the small surprises, which make of this album a success, like the electric Stop Movin’, our absolutely unexpected favourite Anna-Leigh, the sexy Like a Lover, and our logical favourite Fortune Favors which smells like beer and sweat.

Again, they’re nailing everything with a small half-hour of disco-punk. Like its big brothers, the Club Majesty will not take the dust. Well done, guys!

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