Renan Luce’s new album has his name. So let’s talk about Renan Luce in a flash.

With this new album, Renan Luce gets more romantic, honest, soft and poetic. Nothing new under the sun, that’s true, and yet everything’s new. The lyrics have always been really important to Luce and here, they’re even more so by becoming the base on which everything relies on. The music is less on edge, calmer, more classical, but also a bit more epic sometimes (Cette musique) without it ever eating the words. We waltz between words and listen to every syllable attentively. Some worries and everyday situations are transformed into a wonderful world by his soft voice (On s’habitue à tout, Berlin, Citadin). Renan Luce gives us his heart on an efficient musical sober silver platter. A French-speaking must-have.

Now Playing: Au début

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