It is a true joy to go back to Thomas Fersen’s weird and poetic universe! C’est tout ce qu’il me reste, it’s his new album. Flash.

For the non-French speakers that’d love to listen to French music, have a listen to this one. Thomas Fersen talks about his love of Les Vieilles (the old ladies) and his meeting with Les zombies du cimetière (the zombies of the cemetery). It is an unexpected and crazy world he opens for us with funny and poetic texts. Objects are becoming animals with La mare, Fersen also refuses to gives away his pants in C’est tout ce qu’il me reste (that’s all I have left). But we know that he’ll always have his way at writing wonderful stories such as Le vrai problème, King Kong and Richelieus. Between adulthood and teenage, he makes us smile even when rain is pouring down.

Now Playing: Les Vieilles

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