For her fourth album, Citadelle, Izïa Higelin reveals she’s nothing of an impregnable fortress, quite the opposite. Flash.

Immense name of the French music scene, Izïa has always been able to canalise a savage poetic with great sensuality. She’s prooving it again through titles like Trop vite (Too fast), catchy and universally relatable, or Dragon de métal (Metal dragon), Calvi, Cosmos or Esseulées (Forsaken) featuring Dominique A. Bubbles of pop are floating, precise and of all sizes. Through every single song, she pays tribute to the love she has for her family, from her dad to her child. Working with her memory, Izïa rises with elegance and affirms, once more, that she belongs to the front of the french-speaking musical scene, as she evolves through a un-labelled but refined style.

Now Playing: Trop vite

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