We had to make a choice for our 31st October evening… and then Swedes Royal Republic came along with a date at the Electric Ballroom. So, of course, we had to. We didn’t hesitate. Here’s our live report.

Going to the Electric Ballroom on the evening of 31st October 2019, to be precise, we knew what kind of humour the Swedes would have. Before them, however, we got a support act quite simple but clearly noticeable thanks to its amazing energy. Jumping around, including in the audience, Blackout Problems still didn’t manage to convince us totally with their music. Not yet at least.

But the main act, that’s another story. By opening their set with Fireman & Dancer, they prove they belong to the greatest showmen ever (but that’s just my humble opinion), and they also get us in the mood for the rest of it… Well, mood… more like colours. Without altering their majestic show, they aren’t ignoring Halloween and wear Bowie-like lightings matching each of their suits: red, black, blue and gold. Two of them got glitters. Because, as they say, we Can’t Fight the Disco.

And as simply as that, their lighting on the backdrop is shining and they give us all they have. The show is a long one and yet that’s a short time for them to deliver their hits and other iconic tunes, such as Underwear, Tommy-Gun and Full Steam Spacemachine.

The Swedes, lead by Adam Grahn, do talk. A lot. At least Adam does. But, come on, we know him, he says. He also tells us he loves that part of the show and the UK tour during which they don’t eat. “This morning I even didn’t get Brexit – Breakfast, I mean!” As expected on that date and from a European band, we got our one classic Brexit joke. Between laughter and boos, he laughs and the set resumes.

Getting Along, Fortune Favors, Stop Movin’, Anna-Leigh are making the crowd jumps like mad. The set closes with a super combo of three formed by the energetic When I See You Dance with Another, Flower Power Madness and the electric Baby.

If some things seem to change, like their suits and set design, others remain the same from the very first time we saw them: national anthem as opening, Lonely Boy by the Black Keys as an endless curtain call, irreproachable energy, innuendos, humour and a flawless generosity… Between you and I, we don’t want them to change everything. That’s why we keep coming back to them. Like a Boomerang.

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