In need of a fix of happiness and of good vibes? Fatbabs has exactly that with his debut album Music Is For Kids. Flash.

I’m writing these lines on Election Day in the UK, where I’ve chosen to live, and everyone is a bit tense. To get the party better, it’s raining. Thankfully I have Fatbabs’s debut album with me. It gets sun inside, some happiness and loads of optimism. Efficient on many points, Fatbabs got people around him to create a melodic album, which feels our souls with great vibrations. It features (non-exhaustively) Demi Portion, Volodia, Sizzla, Rachel Lacroix, Naë, Marcus Gad and many more. If it gets more melancholic on Close to Me or Inspiration, it bursts with joy on Like a Melody, Keep on Rollin and the great Lalala mostly, but not only, thanks to Naâman. As Fatbabs says it himself, music is for kids. And those kids are us when we listen to him.

Now Playing: Lalala

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