Three major albums, three dreamy artists, three immense favourites to be discovered today. That’s our proposal. Flashes.



Some phrases in the French language seem to be blocked in time and space since the language itself exists. Thankfully, MPL makes them move elegantly on L’étoile to multiply their meanings and sounds. With his almost spoken way of singing and his comfortable voice, he is opening the door to his space, his watercoloured sky and his lyrical cinematic of which Plaqué or, Le mystère abyssal and Champ-contrechamp are the most beautiful examples.




Ten years ago Kesha was quite different. Her career, as jumpy it has been, made her spread her wings to another level and she gets, today, an album that makes her happy. High Road, it’s pop everywhere and without any music genre limit. With the iconic Raising Hell and the emotional Cowboy Blues, we get even more surprised with the efficient and happy Potato Song (Cuz I Want To). It’s a great yes!



sam-lee-oldwowThis album as something bitter-sweet to it that’s magnificent in this so political day. With Old Wow and its traditional songs wrapped in Celtic sounds added to some modern folk, Sam Lee brings a strong game. Nature is in every word, note and chords. However, it is mostly the Brit’s deep voice that gets us and let be any sorrow, pain, or surprise. From Lay This Body Down to Sweet Sixteen, everything is of importance.



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