It was, for me, impossible to think of this review for Boredoms by Erotic Market as one of a mere album. The concept is larger, more complex and newer. So here’s an exceptional Minema.

This is a visual album. Thirty-five minutes of music by Erotic Market and images by Ramataupia, connected and enrich one another. The connection is even more perfect that as soon as Marine Pellegrini starts to talk, we dive into her mind. Her thoughts are now unveiling images and sounds, unique and completely hers. Quickly, we don’t know if they are memories, hope for the future, what’s she’s seeing now or even a dream. It’s everything and even more than that.

In an explosion of colours and shots, we don’t make any distinction and we let Erotic Market talk about depression, doubt, pain, joy, pleasure, sexuality, power, freedom, love (romantic, family, self…), between well sung French and English.

This genesis goes beyond the simple making-of. Intimate and original in its whole form (even the credits are exceptional), this visual album is a mix of arts, an album that has its place in a museum as well as on stage. Lounge, jazz, electro, there’s no poetical and musical limit to get forward in the kaleidoscopic vision of this creative life. Moments of wonder and great inspiration are showing and assume themselves.

We could felt put on a side in some therapeutic moment. However, Erotic Market does talk to us and we relate, we understand, we get into this never vulgar universe, coloured, free and powerful. Modern and dreamlike, it’s mostly what’s unexpected, the surprise of each image and each sound following one another that’s hypnotic.

The shown gratitude within the whole of the opus is as strong as the act of creation that got this result. We can only feel a lot of gratitude back at Marine Pellegrini for opening the door on the intimacy of her great creative spirit. Thanks, Erotic Market.

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