We’re listening to three soothing EPs, pop or rock, that bring joy and energy. Careful, you might fall on your next favourite soon. Flashes.


HozeWith that first self-titled EP, Hoze explores, tries, tests and marks. Her pop is soft, round and the whole thing very well finished. Je danse sur les toits is particularly catchy and would find its place among today’s radio hits. Light, this first song is still a small beginning, almost shy, that only asks to grow and extend. It’s with Hello Ola that Hoze actually affirms herself a lot more to us, still with some kind of reserve on her verses but with certain confidence on the openminded choruses. Very convincing, we really recommend it.



prod_track-files_37954_album_cover_Yadam-say-youre-sorry-album_coverWe might be hard to convince with pop, but it is a musical genre we really enjoy as long as it’s well delivered and it means something to us. With Yadam, we get the whole thing. Through Safeplace, his new EP, Yadam talks about his break up with the United-States and his forced return to Venezuela when he was 14. Now in France, he’s composing and talks about this break-up like a romantic relationship with (Say You’re) Sorry. Bittersweet, Yadam goes from English to French and to Spanish whilst always keeping this uniqueness and crystalline voice in each song.




And now we get a rock EP, right in his boots and roots. French band Gravity Boots is clearly inspired by rock classics, some brit-pop and other pop-rock tunes, and gets wild in psychedelic momentums, touches of desert rock and new waves as they refer to many other genres, making the tasks of describing all of them impossible. The result is Last Trip, an EP coming from the heart, passionate and deep. There’s something moving and simple that will really touch many rock music fans. We can’t wait to hear more from them and see them finalise their universe.

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Je danse sur les toits – Hoze

(Say You’re) Sorry – Yadam

Last Trip – Gravity Boots

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