This is our catching-up session of the month as we’re revealing some albums released either earlier in the month or even at the end of last year that almost got under our radars. Flashes.


No Pterodactyls has decided what’s important to their eyes. With their record The Most Important Thing, the US band is presenting interesting guitar riffs, vocals answering one another with balance, and if we get overpowering drums sometimes in the mix, the whole thing is amazingly vibrant, and it can’t be ignored, like on the tracks Habits, Counterweight, and Take. Inspiration-wise, with a strong rock base, they’re still borrowing touches of synth-pop, blues and sometimes Latin tempos and brass too. With all this, our curiosity is awake.



A small piece of a sunny sky or the first glimpse of springtime, Powerlines, British band Cassia’s new EP, is clearly in advance in a good mood. Joy is almost immediate when their upbeat tempos are appearing and as their arrangements are twirling with elegance around us on the song Powerlines and then, logically, on the remaining tracks. It’s through a chill pop that the band is shinning. Some round riffs are highlightings their moods and their introspective lyrics. Add to this a little bit of smiling vintage flare, despite lockdown, and it’s a wrap. A beautiful remedy against low mood.



RoSaWay’s oneirism is out of this world. The energy coming up from their EP DREAMER gets to the heart from the very first notes of the first track On Your Way Up. With the strongest touch of blues of the EP, it’s Good For You, followed by Mama Used To Say, which get me the most. Sure, the electro genre has a lot to do with the creation of this record, but it is at least as important as classical music with the transverse flute that highlights them all, mixing pop to it for a brilliant and fun result. It’s unmissable.


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Habits – No Pterodactyls

Powerlines – Cassia

Take What’s Good For You – RoSaWay

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