Turn Up The Volume is a week of workshop and exchange around the theme of the climatic emergency and what actions are to be taken in the music industry and more. Taking place from the 19th to the 25th of April, we’ve taken that opportunity to have a wider look at the movement at its origin: Music Declares Emergency.

Let’s get straight to the point. Climatically speaking, we’re in deep shit. We all know this for a fact. And the music industry, being what it is, needed a wake-up call too. It’s an industry. Yes, music generates pollution.

But does it mean we need to scratch it out of our lives? No, of course not. But how can we enjoy Imelda May’s empowering lyrics, Billie Eilish’s powerful beats, Tom Morello’s stratospheric riffs, without beating ourselves up?

The industry, its companies, its artists and many involved have decided to move and in 2019, Music Declares Emergency is born, first in the UK, then internationally, landing in France at the end of March 2021.

The declaration

But what is it exactly, the declaration? It’s simple and straight forward. The declarers are agreeing to do everything they can to lower their carbon footprint through their music activity. Here is what it says:

And now, what do we do?

We’re having very practical examples on the campaign’s website and for almost every category of the sector. It means that an artist, a festival, a label, a publisher, or even a fan will find there a large number of ideas and answers to try and fix the issue.

For an artist, it is proposed to them to create a ‘Green Rider’ rather than a classic rider. And a rider, it’s the list of what an artist needs or desires transferred to the venues for them to get ready.

Some ask for board games, others want their dressing room repainted in a certain colour, and of course, it’s in the rider that we get the food specifics… and yes, alcohol too.

A Green Rider, first written by charity Julie’s Bicycle and available on their website, aims to inspire artists to ask for reusable and refillable rather than single-use items, and to inspire festivals and venues to have these on offer too.

And it doesn’t stop there. Other ideas concern labels, banks chosen, gram vinyl, meals proposed to venue goers, reusable cups, water points and more.

Unis Son’s actions

The problem does concern us, and the mere action to post about it on the internet is taking some space on servers in need of energy. We know that. That’s why every day, we try to balance out our carbon footprint, by what we’re eating, how we’re using water, and with a somewhat eco-responsible energy supplier (Bulb).

But we’re also trying to download the tracks we’re sent, we’re deleting our emails on a regular basis, we’re trying to regroup our info and not to send ten emails to the same person.

It’s also the reason for our three reviews in one post with our Friday flashes, avoiding posting many articles with too much information. It’s also why our Discovery Road playlist on Spotify is unique and evolve each day.  Many other actions are to be taken (archives, photos…) but we’re working on them.

It is a subject close to our hearts and seeing the movement getting bigger is encouraging. This is why we do sign and declare an emergency too, pledging to continue to push our actions for a better climatic future, as individuals, as media, as fans. And MARINA’s latest track speaks to us a lot, on that level… And you?

After all, there’s no music on a dead planet.

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