Some words with: Frank Turner

After his passage with the Sleepings Souls at the Rockhal, with the sound of Tape Deck Heart, Frank Turner accepted to answer some questions we asked him by email.

Frank Turner à la Rockhal, Luxembourg, le 21 septembre 2013. (photo : Léa Fox)

Unis Son : What’s your first musical memory?
Frank Turner : My mum was a primary school teacher who also taught music, we had a piano in the house, I remember her and my dad playing it from time to time, and indeed trying to play it myself.

US : Did your family’s musical choices influenced yours?
FT : Only negatively really. My parents only listened to classical music, so when rock’n’roll hit me (age 10 or so) it made a huge impact and turned my head.

US : Today, what’s the worst thing about the music industry?
FT : Um, I guess people getting fucked over, not that that’s particularly new. It happens to bands, it happens to people who work in other parts of the industry, and it happens to fans, in different ways, and it’s never pretty. But it’s not that widespread either.

US : What would be your perfect festival as a musician? and as a spectator?
FT : One that was well-run, fun, friendly, a little chaotic, with bands I like and new bands to discover. Same answer to both questions.

US : What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve ever seen on tour?
FT : My guitar tech Cahir. He’s fucking weird.

US : What’s the rumour you heard about you that makes you laugh?
FT : I’ve heard loads. They all make me laugh. Some people seem to think I’m really rich, which is pretty funny.

US : Chocolate or Vanilla?
FT : Chocolate.

US : Hockey or Baseball?
FT : Neither thanks.

US : Past or Present?
FT : Present.

US : Muse or Radiohead?
FT : Radiohead.

US : Social Distortion or Black Flag?
FT : Black Flag, but with a strong tip of the hat to SD.

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