Rhys Cooper

Bob Dylan by Rhys Cooper

In the world of gig posters, we find, in Australia, the great Rhys Cooper, productive artist with meticulous details.

The fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Bronx, Pearl Jam or Kings Of Leon might already be familiar with some of the creations by the Australian’s artist. Indeed, he realized an enormous number of designs for them. Big fans of popular notions, he present artwork with numerous precise and fine details in general very colourful but with a dismal and violent universe. Close to the punk and metal world, Rhys Cooper’s aesthetic is obviously full of elements often found in these cultures.

The red, blue and purples mix together and appear on finer lines revealing the principal subject. The composition is often very heavy and incorporates lots of elements referencing the band universe for whom the design is destined. The lines build-up to create some matters effect and the face outlines seem traced simply. This one is completed by colours for the shadows and reliefs. It gives then a complex and colourful image, eye-catching and pops despite the subject being sometimes gloomy.

Rhys Coopers’s creations don’t stop to music. He also has a production of TV show or film that inspired him and that he likes. You can find, if you search a bit, some designs for a show like Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones or films like Star Trek Into Darkness or Mad Max.

Breaking Bad – Games Of Thrones – Star Trek Into Darkness – Mad Max By Rhys Cooper

You can find Rhys Cooper Here: Studio Seppuku Instagram –  Studio Seppuku

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