When Pop Culture is Drawing for Music

Governor’s Ball Festival by Tim Doyle

When you start to look at art serigraphy, it’s a name you will cross often, especially if you’re a cinema or comics fan. But Tim Doyle also creates amazing creations for music lovers. Little presentation, if you don’t know him already.

Tim Doyle is an American artist who grew up in a Dallas suburb but who always loved to move. Waiting for this time, he found happiness in cinema, TV shows and comics. So naturally, when he moved to Austin, he jumped into the artistic world.

For many years he had jobs close to his first passions, between self-published magazine, a comic chain and a place at MONDO. Prolific he created on subjects which are appealing to all pop culture fans, even more since 2009 when he opened Nakatomi Inc.

MUSE – VIP tour program

Daft Punk regular

His style is very recognisable. Either because of this work of plain part of colours, giving a sober aspect to the work, or because of the thin line reminding us of the effects of a graphic novel, playing with colours and chiaroscuro, bringing some intimacy. At the moment, Doyle creates scenes where life is present, we feel warmth, like an invitation to share a good time. It’s not surprising then that he was asked to design posters for different festivals.

Coachella 2016

What’s sure is that Doyle masters colours, knows how to showcase them and finds with ease what a band deserves, giving them his best. If you’re curious to discover or rediscover his work, especially the one on pop culture, I invite you to go to his website: mrdoyle.com

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