The very first post by Unis Son, which had neither this name nor this allure, is dated from April 22, 2012. It’s been seven years since I decided to write about an Art that’s always transported me. Seven years is a lot and yet they’ve gone to a crazy speed.

I still feel that it was yesterday that I typed my very first live report to publish it on another platform before I decided to transfer the whole thing on WordPress… If today I attend fewer gigs than before, the activity of the blog doesn’t weaken and we are always offered more to listen to. We are overwhelmed by the demands and the novelties, to such an extent that it’s often impossible for us to listen to everything in detail or to share everything on the blog.

Doubts, in seven years, have gone and come. I still meet them sometimes, like when I go from ‘ I ‘ to ‘ we ‘ in the same post for example. And yet in my head, it makes sense. I think and write things, we (me and my Sidekick) proofread them, correct them, we discuss, we choose the subjects. And then it’s us and you, readers, artists and agencies, together, we discover, we can talk too. Because without you, the blog does not exist. And at a time when the image is Queen and writing is suffering, it is a real pleasure to know that there are curious people who visit our site for one, two, ten, one hundred articles.

If the blog has undergone a beautiful evolution, as much in terms of audience as of looks or, more importantly, of content, we do not want to rest and that is why Unis Son moves forward to another level: to be able to remain motivated and to be able to offer more quality , we need time. And time is money.

We are not going to force anyone, but we inform you that you can support us to keep the blog alive for a long time. How? By commenting our articles on the site and sharing them on your networks, or by making a direct donation with the small PayPal button, or by visiting our Patreon page where you will find some very nice counterparties!

Anyway, all this to say that Unis Son is seven now, and that I hope that he will grow again and again, with us, with you, and thanks to you. Thanks again. Happy birthday Unis Son!


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