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It’s time to talk about Frank Carter & Frannk Carter & The Rattlesnakes‘ new album, End Of Suffering. Review.

If I took so long to talk about this new album it’s not because I fell out of love for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, but because I lacked of time. We have to find the right time to do listen to it and that time is today. It is as if the pieces of the puzzle were coming together perfectly.

Each note is a mood recognizable by those who have experienced it. Very involved with Mental Health issues, Frank Carter gives everything he has, like he did before. Anxiety is a powerful translation of these feelings and diseases. Crowbar acts almost as an antidote.

Supervillain, Latex Dreams, Tyrant Lizard King with Tom Morello, and End Of Suffering are both translations and hearable antidotes of and for those feelings, illnesses and mental states that everyone experiences. A mixture of fat riffs and sweetness associated with great relevance makes this new opus another success for Carter.

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