Released on April 26th, Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres is a new album and a new project by Peter Doherty… and the Puta Madres, of course. Flash.

We’ll definitely follow him in each of his projects, from the most delusional to the wisest. Doherty is absolutely on the path of wisdom and calm, even with this new group holding a very provocative name. Musically, the eponymous album offers guitar and violin in harmony on positive and luminous rhythms. From All At Sea, we feel it. So certainly some ballads like Paradise Is Under Your Nose and Lamentable Ballad of Gascony Avenue have something sad or dark. We notice that Doherty’s voice is clearer, less abrupt, less torn. He sometimes eats his words but he is more stable. Poetic, romantic, open and simple, by associating himself with the Puta Madres, Doherty has not renounced to anything he has created before. A beautiful pursuit of his art.

Now Playing Paradise Is Under Your Nose

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