Here’s French band Deluxe back! Prepare for trouble with Boys & Girl. Flash.

What a treat! With this new album, Deluxe is giving us what they do best. The combination of sound is, as always, in the spotlight with hints of rap, blues, jazz, folk and electronica. But everything is disseminated through the mixes with a great savoir-faire, to the point that putting up a label on their songs is impossible. No Stress, featuring the great Oxmo Puccino, for example, has everything that makes this album a success. Back In Time opens this opus with all the energy we know the band can give, and Love closes it with tenderness. In between, it’s wild. Got a small (or big) favourite: Fuck Life, thanks to its brilliant earworm-worthy melody with M. J. Medeiros. Join the ‘stache!

Now Playing: Egoraphobia

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