Bruce Springsteen releases his new opus, Western Stars, today. A flash is what we can offer.

When the Boss is playing, we listen. And moreover, when it is some new tunes he’s getting out of his Stetson, we’re focused. But I’d like to avoid the idea of sacralising him more than he is already sacralised by others. The living legend is quite simple here. After all, that’s what he’s made of. With his guitar and a few friends, he singing with a smooth and calm tone. It’s the end of an evening or the start of dawn, on a horse or walking, we go with him through valleys and look at the stars or, at least, we picture them. Hitch Hikin’, Tuscon Train, Western Stars, Sleepy Joe’s Café, Somewhere North of Nashville, Moonlight Motelmany real places leading to great images that we all have in mind, thanks to the cinema, that we see projected in front of us just by the force of a great man’s voice. Thanks, Boss.

Now Playing: Western Stars

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