The Danish band Volbeat reminds us why we like them with Rewind, Replay, Rebound, their new album, released today. Flash.

A less-than-forty-seconds song as the first single (Parasite), it is intriguing, and it is the choice made by Volbeat to introduce to the world their latest release. Within their rockabilly folk metal music with a gentle side, we get a real savoir-faire and a unique sound. Announcing the end of summer (Last Day Under The Sun), they rewind, replay and rebound with what rock music has created since its beginnings… and theirs. With that uniqueness, we’re convinced by Pelvis On Fire as much as by Sorry Sack Of Bones. However, the big favourite here is the pop-rock song The Awakening of Bonnie Parker. Not to be missed!

Now Playing: Pelvis On Fire

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