With his warm reassuring voice, Iggy Pop takes us through an unusual universe and we love it. Flash on Free, released today.

‘I wanna be free’, here are the first words the Godfather of Punk gives to his new album. Free, which is also the first song’s title, is short, jazz and quite clear on what to expect next. With some quite good rock songs (Loves Missing, Dirty Sanchez, James Bond), this is an album clearly marked by jazz, its freedom and poetry. If some songs seem quite dark and tired it is because they are the translation of Pop’s own tiredness after a long tour. Poetic philosopher on We Are The People (impossible not to think of Patti Smith here), Do No Go Gentle Into That Good Night and The Dawn, Iggy Pop is fascinating. Free, he is, has always been and will always be. Now more than ever. He is Iggy Pop. Superb.

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