Ten years after the release of their debut album, Archimède are back with their first live album, Pop Decennium. Flash.

Writing about music is always a great challenge. The challenge gets bigger when we talk about something we enjoy, like a new Archimède’s album, but isn’t too… new. Like an Archimède’s live album. We know most titles, we enjoy them, we sing them even, and we listen to them for an hour knowing that they’re calmer than what they are on stage sometimes. A few guests (Greg Zlap and Aldebert) on some songs give another layer to their musical poetry. But it is difficult to talk about novelty (although it’s not really the aim here) except for one song: Presqu’il. We quietly celebrate a decade of music, rich with words and messages. We hope that the next decade is going to be as good with them.

Now Playing: Presqu’il

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