It is time for Nude Casino, a new album by the future experts Iguana Death Cult. Flash.

This autumn seems to be synonymous of rock albums, or at least new favourites. This one, Nude Casino, isn’t very long (only 35 minutes), but definitely deserves attention. We’ve been listening to it on repeat. Nodding, both because we approve of it and because its rhythms are impossible to ignore, we enjoy the vintage touch of their rock. The Dutch guys of Iguana Death Cult (which is a weird name) know how to give their best. If we can feel the music a bit messy at first, we mostly find a great spontaneity associated with a 70s-80s/post-punk mix and a finished composition. All this gives us true tunes for fans such as Carnal Beat Machine or Bright Lights. The band is touring and that’d be a shame to miss it.

Now Playing: Nature Calls

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