It’s the great return of Les Nus, the rock band from Rennes, France, with this new album Enfer et Paradis. Flash.

Vous Faites du Rock N’est-ce pas (what we can translate as You’re making rock music right) is a rhetorical song. Just to be certain we’re going to answer this on the band’s behalf. Yes. Oh, yes they do. And well with that. It’s the kind of old school rock music, and yet they don’t ignore what’s been done since the 70s. The Britons have always been good with purring guitars. Suspicion, Jim Crow and L’enfer et le paradis are no exceptions. Subtle or not, when we love that kind of music we can only welcome back the band, 35 years later, for better or for worse. We’re still looking for the ‘worst’ part of it.

Now Playing: Les Ravages du Temps

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