First of all, Happy New Year. Then… Kyrie Kristmanson releases, on 10th January, her new album Lady Lightly. I’ve had a listen today and here are my two cents. Review.

It is a complicated name for a simple talent. That’s what I think first yet Kyrie Kristmanson has a lot of levels. Yes, she writes, sings, composes and gets the right people around her, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s mostly to her work that she gives different layers.

It’s simple, with Lady Lightly, Kristmanson has her head into the cosmos and her feet well set in music and genres coming from all over the world… and potentially from somewhere else. With a clear and light voice, she gets us to a world where labels of jazz, folk, electro, alternative rock and other musical genres don’t have any sense. Is she offering us a mystic coming-from-Mars type of music? Or is it already taken by Bowie?

Well, because he doesn’t have the monopoly of space, despite his immensity (and space’s too), I can affirm that Kristmanson has her own personal galaxy spot that she simply, by kindness, translated into music for this opus. Just have a listen to That Killer Curiosity, Andromeda Star and Mon Héroïne, you’ll be convinced.

And if we want to go back to Earth, that’s not a problem, she’s got it with Gateway Sin and The Garden of Mrs Woolf. With all this, I don’t want to even try to give another name than hers to her music. Kristmanson is Kristmanson. So let’s close our eyes and enjoy the magical interstellar journey she’s proposing, this Lady Lightly.

Now Playing: Mon Héroïne (live)

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