Son Little’s new album is called aloha, a fitting name for its chill spirit. Released on the 31st, here is what we think.

The American singer trialled one of the most difficult exercises of all: to let go. Why is it hard? Because you need to allow yourself to try it before doing it. And what does it give to Son Little? Well, this rich and timeless album.

The album’s soul shines on every track through the warm and tender voice of Son Little. We go further and find it exceptional as we get to don’t wait up. Getting his hands on different instruments, he unveils himself as a sensual, melancholic, light and inspired artist. 

Between rock’n’roll riffs for intro hey rose, shards of funk and soul (bbbaby, 3rd eye weeping), we understand clearly his ways and, with him, we slowly let go of everything. And it feels really good, even if we rarely allow ourselves to do it.

In a world overwhelmed by images and negative news, aloha is the perfect warm relaxing break we need. Now we say yes, like him, and to breathe, forgetting even for just a few minutes the outside world to focus on the also quite busy inside one. A beautiful inspiration we will keep close to the heart. 

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