Three fairylike places are to be seen today on the website. Released recently, we couldn’t leave aside these three sweets. Flashes.



A small corner of paradise pop-rock, the new album by COIN has a really fitting name: Dreamland. Everyone is free to create the dreamy images that the folk and electric guitars are waking up. With I Want It All, Youuu or the volatile Let It All Out, there’s always a little something rather nostalgic, introspective even, on top of the dream. We never get bored with small 80s-like keys as much as we love the modern bubbles that can get from there. A must.





Canon singing, sweetness, simplicity and calm. Douglas Dare is spoiling us with Milkteeth and reveals himself as a great pop prophet. Between the delicate I Am Free and The Piano Room, we find bubbling and shining gems like The Playground or Silly Games. Every track gain in intensity the more we play them. If we were expecting a voice a little bit more in the foreground, we appreciate its softness and sincerity. As Dare doesn’t play a lot with base, preferring to show some subtlety with voice and piano, we discover emotional depth rather intense and as important. Bravo.




The chilling styles are rather in these days and we love it. Matt Holubowski with his album Weird Ones has also convinced us to put his new opus on our self-care list. Spiritually and musically elevated by tracks like Thoroughfare and Greener, we also want to grab a blanket and wrap ourselves in a corner for a little nap whilst listening to Love, the Impossible Ghost. A soft, cosy album, bright as dusk in summer.

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Into My Arms – Coin

The Joy in Sarah’s Eyes – Douglas Dare

mellifluousflowers– Matt Holubowski

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