As the world is getting crazy over everything and anything, here’s something to lighten up your mood: three chilling, colourful and rich albums also quite different from one another. Flashes.



Nirman’s tender voice, on this new and self-titled album, tells us about love, friendship, family and loneliness, the search of self and empathy. He uses loads of surprising words and analogies to talk about love at first sight on pop track SOS. Nirman also gets great names on board like Cali, on Compagnon de Lune, Da Silva, also producing the album, on Highlands, and Thomas de Pourquery on Ma Solitude. But the song that really made the difference for us is Azzam David, politic and delicate, it shows Nirman’s whole writing talent.




In the right corner, a heavyweight alternative rock champion: The Flaming Lips. In the left corner, another heavyweight rock champion arrived more recently: Deap Vally. One round only and we know the result: a complete fusion, alternative and surprising. We get the cosmic and self-titled album Deap Lips. The universe there is colourful. Very colourful. The Deap Lips are taking other proportion and get crazy. We love it. Mystical and high, the collaboration is fresh with modernity and deep thanks to a well-known savoir-faire. An essential album to get to both bands fans as well as anyone else discovering them.




Bass player François Puyalto is unveiling his first solo album, deep and sensible, 44. Completely alone, Puyalto covers classics of French music such as Ferré, Brel, Higelin and even Barbara, as much as he is writing and singing his own creations. Refined is the word here. Everything is clean, sober, from the voice to every bass chord. Rough also, simple and yet so rich. Katel’s choral comes sometimes to add a layer, light and in the background. This superb album of French songs is ideal for literature and music fans.

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Azzam David – Nirman

The Pusher – Deap Lips

Faiseuse d’anges – François Puyalto

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