The vast majority of summer festivals are now cancelled. Lockdowns are continuing pretty much everywhere and all this push us towards music. Here are our mood and opinion on three fresh albums.



The set-up is singing pop. Peaks of jazz music are flickering in the sky. That’s when we discover Grimme’s soft voice. His way of singing is flowing and smoothing. If his album Un hôtel, Une étoile has been released last January, it has today a freshness as it resonates. On the first track, Un hôtel, Une étoile, brings nature and outside to our insides. And the wind he describes, we feel it. The smells and the great spaces, we feel, we see them, we’re there, thanks to his voice. On mérite un chef-d’œuvre is a journey. We just need to close our eyes and everything is simpler.  




If the album Firewoodisland was a place, it’d probably be a grass field on the top of magnificent cliffs on an isolated island that the ocean would hit with all this strength, and yet that seems peaceful at all times. If it was a moment, it’d be the one just between past and present. And if it was a colour, it wouldn’t be visible by the human eye. Firewoodisland unveils a dreamlike universe, softened, that we don’t always get but that helps to reconnect to what truly matters.




We stay within calm and natural surroundings, so we don’t think too much of the empty cities. Focus. It is with a romantic mind and melancholia that Klara opens her heart and her voice. Her new album Blossom, released last January, is a beautiful and full break, where we only have to appreciate a moment of pause and stillness. If we all make the stillness effort now, tracks like Voices and Another You allow the mind to follow, or rather to slow down. And that’s what we need after reading the news. The break, carried by Klara’s guitar and rhythm, is more than welcome in our daily lives.

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On mérite un chef-d’œuvre – Grimme

Hollow Coves – Firewoodisland

Voices – Klara

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