Softness, greatness, strength, and independence. Here are some values everyone wishes to transmit. Our artists of the day have done it with music through three jewels. Flashes



There are a million voices and every single one of them has an effect, a peculiar atmosphere. Meylo’s warm and soft voice is one of those to bear kindness, sensuality and peace. Strong and independent, the self-taught artist is also delicate all along her debut EP Lady Blues. Without ever letting the instrumentation, sometimes classic, sometimes strongly made of powerful electro vibes, overpowering her, she never pushes too far and yet says everything. Here, the soul dancefloor is both collective, social, and great, and emotional, soft, and intimate. We love it.




Written and composed for his son, Kuku’s new album also has his name and meaning. Ariyo (A Sight To Rejoice) is full of emotions, from fear and worriedness to hope and insouciance. Kuku also adds a bit of politics, and we hear Commerce or Conscience as a hymn and tribute to artists around Kuku and, we hope, around his son. No pressure, only peaceful messages for Ariyo, a point of nostalgia to see him growing so fast, and an immense dose of unconditional love from start to finish. Magic.



Album 2 - Wander - cover

For his second opus, Wander, Sean Christopher confirms his aerial and reflective universe. Walking, wandering around with no real purpose, opens the mind and heals the body. Listening to this album has given us just that with long minutes of softness, some accelerations making us smile and run, going through a field, and then there’s the dimension of infinite spaces, open on sky and spirit alike, getting through every note. The album, to be released on May 29th, is tender and complete itself with a new reflection at every new listening we give to it.

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