May is marked by the wish of travelling and, if physically it’s not yet doable for some of us or at least in many places, musically we have a lot of horizons to discover through these three opuses. Flashes.



Here we go for an inside journey. It’s with her piano and voice that Hania Rani brings peace to us and takes us to colourful countries. In a little less than an hour, we rise and flight from small rivers (Letter to Glass) to a massive empty city (Rurka) getting home in between to find our center (Home). This new album, simply called Home, is made of freshness. Seaside air, contrast between hot sunlight and a North wind, no need to compare, Hania Rani offers everything here as her music for a sweet and fresh summer instant.




After the release of an EP, Drama – Act 1, in April, Kadebostany is back today, end of May, for some variations on some tracks. The construction is superb in both cases but the acoustic version of I Wasn’t Made For Love has something more intimate than the already intimate original version. If both have something, it is the variation that wins our hearts. With a second EP in such a short time, we feel that the country of Kadebostany is getting larger with the idea of always expending, even on other fields. But it is made with no hostility, only softness and love.




Our landing on Chromatica is done knowingly. Tailored for the dancefloor (the one in our living room or the one in our favourite clubs when they’ll reopen), Lady Gaga’s newborn album is made of bits of stars, touches from the 80s (impossible to pass by the Vogue inside Babylon, and the grand duet with Elton John on Sine From Above), and a good dose of modern electro (Free Woman, Rain On Me with Ariana Grande, and the excellent Sour Candy with BLACKPINK). If it’s not the best of her opus, Chromatica is going to make us dance all summer long, with no regrets.

Now Playing:

F Major – Hania Rani

Baby I’m Ok – Kadebostany ft. Kazka

Sour Candy – Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK

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