Holidays are coming up for some, for others it’s time to go back to work, and we can access to open spaces little by little. One thing is consistent: the new music Friday!



The very first wong we can hear on Thomas Dutronc’s new album, nicely named Frenchy, is Iggy Pop’s. And he isn’t alone, as we get to hear Billy Gibbons, Diana Krall, Youn Sun Nah, Stacey Kent, Haley Reinhart and even Jeff Goldblum. Well accompanied, the ‘Gypsy jazz’ specialist turns toward greatest hits of the French repertoire. Everyone’s there, Brel, Prévert, Trenet, Piaf, Daft Punk… And on the other side of the planet, in French and in English, Thomas Dutronc nicely adapts to his guitar these great hits. Ideal to rediscover them all.




With a dancing and catchy pop, Braids is just about to conquer the world with Shadow Offering. The living room is still a dancefloor. Yes, it’s still day time, but it’s impossible to stay still as we listen to Young Buck. Dreamy too, the Canadian band, led by Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s clear voice, gets vulnerable and intimate (Just Let Me). We need to take our time to listen to this album which, with tracks between four and nine minutes, surprises us, makes us move and soothes us with a great balance.



CORPUS cover hd

The conductor and producer Malvina Meinier got has just released a new EP, Corpus. She lays her heart open, which is never easy. To put a body into music isn’t easy either. And yet, it is exactly what the artist has done through her new EP, using samples from fluids and beating heart. Attaching them to the voices and acoustic instruments such as organ and a string ensemble, Meinier offers spiritual, deep and warm tracks like Malady or Blood. A really successful musical translation of what a body and its phases can be as a whole.

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La belle vie – Thomas Dutronc & Jeff Goldblum

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Nerves – Malvina Meinier

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