It’s through an album full of great tenderness that Nana Adjoa unveils the person she wants to become. Big Dreaming Ants has just been released today. Review.

Exploring sombre, personal and universal themes, Nana Adjoa gives to her new album an inspiring aura. The opening starts with some questioning. National Song is full of rage and bitterness as well as hope.

The multi-instrumentalist artist from Amsterdam plays with themes close to her heart, such as heritage and growing nationalism (as we’ve seen all around the globe lately). The contrast between her voice and lyrics is rather powerful there, and we find it again on Cardboard Castle.

Convincing from the very beginning, the next tracks are promising too. Exploring the quest for originality (Every Song), insecurity (No Room) that can occur from a casual conversation, the artist also turns to change and her search of self. How can we become the role model we’re waiting for? (Who Do We Look To Now) How do we accept that our perception of self can be moved? How not to envy others? (She’s Stronger)

Quickly we understand that the big dreaming ants of the title are all of us. Simply by accepting her faults and reflections, Nana Adjoa finds an internal peace translated into Throw Stones. Full of a beautiful introspection, the track has a great musicality in which we find raging interferences, judiciously balanced, as intrusive thoughts that disappear when we acknowledge them.

And overall, her personal experiences put into music are talking to many. Universal, this opus has a lot to offer, with words as much as music. Both delicate and strong, Nana Adjoa is a musician we can rely on.

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