Today we’re having a rather eclectic selection. French-Tunisian songs, urban pop, and electro-punk are coming up. Flash.


The French and Tunisian artist Nawel Ben Kraïem sings her Délivrance, a new album inspired and inspiring. In Arabic, French or English, the composer enjoys herself and sings who she is. The electro touches we can find sometimes are not taking over the lyrics or the aerial inspirations we get on L’Absent or Révolution des figuiers (Ala jalek). With her voice, Ben Kraïem is impressive. Agile and at ease, she confides, shows her convictions, loves her origins and makes us humble. Superb from start to finish, the album comes and goes between tradition, rock and urban pop without ever deceiving us.



Between disco, electro and punk almost hardcore, Apple Jelly surprises, that’s the least we can say about them. Die, Motherfucker ! Die!!! is the third album by the band from Lyon. It stands as a kind of resurrection as it’s been conceived in 2013 and has known the crowds and stages before being born this year, in 2020 It, therefore, marks the great return of the band. And yet, all this as a modern sound, set in the present. We only can salute the performance. Of course, musically it is rather special. There’s a futuristic side that comes from it and we really enjoyed the cinematographic possibilities that follow this feeling.



If the genre isn’t our speciality, we couldn’t ignore this small earthquake. Squeezie’s debut album, Oxyz, has arrived, and we must admit it’s full of great ideas. Pure French urban pop, the concept is what works the most on us. The (fictive) company Oxyz proposes a therapy of which result is the album. The music is heavily dosed with autotune, and that’s what we like the least. However, the lyrics, deeply intimate and with a universal understanding (Tout, Guépard…) are the true strength of most the tracks. Obviously, the singer has some fun too, and the whole thing marks a good start.

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Inia – Nawel Ben Kraïem

Walking Bass – Apple Jelly

Servis – Squeezie ft. Gambi

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