Today’s our catching up session with three beautiful albums to discover without further ado. Warning, this is a quiet atmosphere. Don’t drink coffee. And get a blanket. Flashes.


A bit of quiet folk between Americana and Brit rock, that’s what we’re getting from Creation Myths. Elvis Perkins, despite his first name, is a lot more between Bob Dylan and The Beatles. With this new album, he’s signing a perfect autumnal original soundtrack, also fitting for lazy days. The best for us would be to have the record playing as we’re drinking a lovely warm tea. The stories would unfold naturally. As we reach the last track, Anonymous, we ask ourselves ‘is it already over?’, surprised and nostalgic. We stay under our blanket.



French singer, HK, is taking us around the world with Petite Terre, his travelling new album. If we’re landing sometimes in France, between Dordogne (Le Roubaisien de Bergerac) and Britanny (Berbère Ou Breton), we’re also visiting North Africa (Slimane) and America (Eldorado). But it’s also a journey in time with Hier À Peine. This album is also strongly political. Supporting the health system and nurses with Pour Les Autres, carrying a strong message about climate change with Alors On Change !, and addressing their griefs clearly to the government on several tracks, HK and his Saltimbanks are revendicating and fighting without ever giving up travels.



We’re diving into Strawberry Seas with their eponymous album. Strawberry Seas is the type of album we love to get rolling during the day as we’re focusing on work, especially with the motivating intro of Trampoline, before, progressively getting in the mood to focus on our listening to the lovely tracks. They’re saying it on Sofa, the wish for a quiet day is getting stronger every minute. Although Sunny Lane, which follows, has some waking guitars, the band has a cosy side that makes us melt in our comfort.

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Anonymous – Elvis Perkins

Eldorado – HK

Teenage Freak – Elvis Perkins

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