Oh, what a beautiful season! Today we’re in an eclectic mood. Between warming rock’n’roll, dreamy polyphonic songs and cools wondering in the woods, we’ve got plenty. Flashes.


They’re already back! The Struts aren’t wasting time, and it’s not a pandemic that will stop them. Strange Days is both a beautiful opportunity to party with them in our living room with all the flamboyance they’re capable of and a moment to read their lockdown journal (Strange Days, All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go)). Recorded in ten days, according to the intro of I Hate How Much I Want You, with Phil Collen & Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, the record has many other lovely collaborations including Robbie Williams and most importantly Tom Morello with whom they sign our ultimate favourite, the decadent Wild Child. Everyone ought to listen to this beauty as soon as possible.



It’s not the first time we’re fascinated by the Occitan language. Vox Bigerri brings freshness on this four-voices album. Their traditional polyphonic songs impress and come simply put themselves in front of us with delicacy. More accessible than it seems at first, with their pagan songs, their sacred ones and their original compositions, they made a collection of traditional tales of their new album Jorn. It’s also a moment suspended in time, like a dream. Obviously, it is surprising to listen to such a record nowadays, and yet it’s still an immensely enjoyable moment that we encourage everyone to try out.



If you’re looking for the original soundtrack of your upcoming holidays in the woods, Daniel Trakell has created exactly what you’re looking for. Warning Bell smells good of wood and is as colourful as the fallen leaves that are serving as pavement in autumn. With a guitar lovingly crackling as much as a campfire (Turnaround), Trakell’s melancholic voice bears something universal and timeless in this quiet folk opus. Available since 2nd of October, it was time we talked about the beautiful impression it made us.

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Wild Child – The Struts & Tom Morello

Strange Fruit – Vox Bigerri

Come To – Daniel Trakell

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