Our Thursday flash session brings a lot of softness, sincerity, and singular voices to listen to without further ado. Flashes.


Brazil is coming to us thanks to Irmão Victor and his new album Mariposàro. We feel welcomed and like at home with his catchy pop-folk filled with jazz, bossa and psychedelic trials. Actually finished in Toulouse by the talented multi-instrumentalist, this opus is made of love for the sober-looking compositions that are revealing to be more complex. We got a small crush on the French-speaking Femme Plastique and the iconic Cruela De Vil. But the most beautiful thing here is when we let go and get lost into his universe. Released on the 30th of November.



Thanks to Paloma Faith it gets simpler to forget about the morose weather of November and to start getting ready for the Holidays, especially with Infinite Things for a soundtrack. Bubbly, the golden-voiced singer gets some empowering rhythms. Supernatural, which is opening the record, is our proof. And it continues with the fantastic Gold and some melancholic moments such as If Loving You Was Easy, a contrasting moment that never stops us to get up and dance. With her powerful voice, Paloma is charming us once more.



It is with her voice that Beyries as lighten up the path for us on her new album Encounter. Whether it was in dark places or in clearings that we had to follow her through, Beyries has let us meet every facet of her talent. Radiant and nostalgic, sensible and strong, the Quebecian artist has offered sincere songs, mainly in English but for the timeless Nous Sommes. This opus, release on the 13th of November, we listened to it many times. Every listening was different, making sense and personal. An experience to try as soon as possible.

Now Playing :

Femme Plastique – Irmão Victor

Gold – Paloma

Closely – Beyries

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