Like every Friday, we’re discovering three beautiful albums just released. And today we should even get a little bit of sunshine with us. Flashes.


We’re flying to Tahiti with Vaiteani and their new album, a favourite of ours, Signs. Everything is soft. Everything is unexpected. Everything is a tender sign that music heals souls. The music here proposes, more than a physical trip, a deep mental journey. Embrace, Kiss Kiss, Homai, Waters, Angry, every song seem to make us glide in the air. The duet has found a perfect balance between commercial, radio-able, folk music and the uniqueness coming from tradition, passion and love they have for their archipelago. A jewel.



We did wait a long time to listen to Movements by Great Mountain Fire. Here it is, and yes, it has movements in this disco-pop album made for the dancefloor. Move On, Wait a Minute and No Reason are unlocking our hip game when The Way proposes a nice slow, and everything bathes in an eternal sunset as we’re getting out of the club. Sensual and tender, the band marks some points although we would have loved more risks. Overall very clean, this record will still brighten the end of the year.



The former member of the duet Rue Royale Brookln Dekker is now flying solo. Dekker releases today the first chapter of the rest of his life, Slow Reveal: Chapter One. With his hat, his guitar and some sober rhythms, he steps forward, song after song, on a sinuous path that his ethereal voice seems to place under his feet (I Follow My Feet), and under ours. And we follow him, as he asks us to. It’s impossible to stay still (No Standing Still) or insensible (The Love). A beautiful album marking a transformation.

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Signs – Vaiteani

The Way – Great Mountain Fire

The Love – Dekker

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