We need to talk about audiobooks, and more precisely of musical-tales. Close to musical plays and theatre, we love them, obviously. And we just got two that really moved us with their sotires and characters. Raise the sail!

When I was younger, I adored Émilie Jolie. I had the 1998 version, narrated by Jacques Dutronc (and his almost-two-packs-of-cigarettes-a-day), and I knew stories and songs by heart. So when I got these two audiobooks and their great stories, I didn’t hesitate and ate them all up. In both cases, I hope you’re ready to sail accross the seven seas as water is at the heart of these pretty French-speaking tales for both children and adults alike.

Full of colours and energies, the young pirate Zélie wants to prove her valour (Pirate Demoiselle) and get on deck with her father, Captain MacPherson. Barbemolle wants to convince her to stay at bay with her mother, Bella Rossa, and to keep the shop up (Boutique vs Navire). On the ship, Charles, second to the captain, is conspiracing in the shadows… (La chanson de Charles). And with many twists and catchy tunes, Zélie shows she’s made for the pirate life, soft version. Zélie la pirate, chapitre un, is a lovely tale, written and composed by Aurélie Cabrel, Esthen Dehut, Bruno Garcia and Olivier Daguerre, and illustrated in an air-brush style, by Guylaune Lafleur and Aurélie Cabrel. Brilliant and fun, it’s a great story, making us want to go on an adventure and wish for a second chapter.

In La Bergère aux mains bleues (The shepherdess with blue hands), we meet Madalen and her family at the beginning of a new epic adventure that will change their lives. When Kelen, the father, is sailing away like every summer (Madalen & Kelen), Gael is fishing something rather unexpected (Le Poisson d’argent). Strong and surrounded by her children and her particularly funny and sympathetic sheep (Courage Fuyons), Madalen is making up her mind following this event. This musical tale, written by Pierre-Luc Granjon, has been musicalised by Amélie-les-Crayons, who gives her voice to Madalen, and is brilliantly illustrated by Samuel Ribeyron. Inspired by seasides and crepes from Britanny, this familial and epic tale also makes us want to travel and see something different.

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