We’re back on the rock’n’roll road with three albums filled up with power riffs and strong atmospheres. Classic or ambitious, check out our reviews. Flashes.


For their new record, the Foo Fighters are putting on big leather boots, taking their heavy guitars, and taking not so many risks after all for an extremely satisfying result. Medicine At Midnight is honey in our ears. ‘Doc.’ Grohl and his colleagues, know what they’re doing and we go there eyes closed. The first effects are waking up (Making A Fire, Cloudspotter), followed by a certain softness on the almost worrying Waiting On A War. Small original things are at the core of the metal-head No Son of Mine, the funky Medicine At Midnight, and the super stoner Holding Poison. A happy rock moment that ought not to be missed!



In a dark atmosphere, sometimes worrying, we’re discovering the hypnotic voices of Fremmand. The indie rock band, based in the Faroe Islands, has played with the contrast of their archipelago by also recording in L.A. their new album Wrong. They’re shaking and charming us, between sensuality and mysticism. We’re meeting, deep inside us, our demons, through Death Had Made a Fool of Us and Ljosi. Very representative of the whole record, it is the first track, Wrong, that has become our crush. Dreamy with Innanlongsul, strong with Calling it Out and It’s Too Late, the Faroese band is ideal for the beginning of February and a great discovery.



Mixing musical genre is everywhere nowadays and it’s very true with Love Ghost. With a strong alternative rock base, the band takes its time in four tracks to go say hi to Pop (War, I Swear) and autotuned electro, which isn’t really our favourite, to be honest (Step In The Arena, Hated). However, we’ve had, from its first listen, a blow minding track with Tribe. Powerful, cheeky, sensual, there’s a lot in this track which, alone, really makes us dive into the American band’s electric world. Saber-Toothed is an EP that made us curious.

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