A thud is piercing the silence. The drums are opening the bawl. The rest is a succession of great ideas. It is time to discover Hidden Gems by The Blue Stones. Review.

Canadian duo The Blue Stones is everything but selfish. As soon as they’ve found these lost lyrics, these pearls of tempos, these riffs as bright as jewels, they didn’t keep them for themselves. Yes, they needed time to cast them in the right order and make them shine, but the band ended up to show, to offer them to us. Hidden Gems really has a fitting name.

Careless is, probably, out of all these gems, the one that shines the less for us. The track is a nostalgic lament with tender vocals which, carried by a sober electro-typed of production, stays too lost in the fog for us to enjoy fully and satisfy our demands.

We prefer getting into the dark, luxurious and angsty Grim with its phenomenal guitar solo; or into the sun-brilliant Sharkin’ Off The Rust that could burn our retina as we can’t help ourselves staring at it with wide-opened eyes; or into Let It Ride and Lights On, two tracks with wild tempos that shake every cell of our bodies without a warning.

The worst part? We want more. The best part? We have more. Spirit, fitfully, is a golden nugget, a diamond in the coal, a burst of energy, a smooth track in its centre with shredded borders of which the lack of a net definition is exactly what makes it sharp, sublime and fascinating.

It’s not just the songs that are gems, The Blue Stones has hidden many more in each of these tracks. Here a voice, there an echo, a solo, a blues, funk or pop inspiration… These secrets can’t touch us all the same way, but they work.

Oceans, closing the record, takes away with it, probably in the foam of the seven seas, some of these gems. The others, we selfishly kept them in our chest. Maybe the key of it lies somewhere among these lines.

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